Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today's planting postponed...

On account of the fact that it is still ridiculously cold here right now. As in, it is still winter, and definitively NOT spring.

I realize to those of you in the northern climes that bitching about 40-ish degree weather is wimpy to y'all. After all, you guys are the ones waking up with *frozen walls* (I'm looking at you, Kristin.) But I'm from Alabama. You can go barefoot here all but three months out of the year, most of the time. We're home of the tank top and cut-off shorts.

We are also not a cold tolerant people. It seems like half of the casual conversations in early spring in Alabama involve the temperature and how abysmally cold it is outside...even if abysmally cold is only 45 degrees:

"Oh my gosh, I wish I had brought my real coat!" Because a) Most Alabamians are intensely hopeful that it will "warm up later in the morning"...and b) A lot of us only own one heavy coat because it's warm here most of the time.

"I thought it was supposed to warm up today!" = "I'm so cold I feel like my feet are going to fall off."

Today was one of those days. I am one of those Southerners that absolutely refuses to give in to the layering of winter - shunning (for the most part) scarves, hats, and even socks. (I wear those slip-on close-toed things.) The barefoot stereotype is there for a reason. We like being slouchy, comfortable and uninhibited. That's a lot of what being from the deep country is about.

But hopefully, it is getting into the seventies this weekend, so I will be able to plant then.


  1. Bitch away. Everything is relative. Forty degrees feels freezing to us in the fall, before we've acclimated to the cold. This time of year, 40 degrees feels like the tropics. I would very much like it to be 40 degrees. Except then all the snow will melt and our entire property will be a mud slick.

    We can't win. But at least it's not that awful red mud I remember so well from Georgia . . .

  2. Tell me about it. I could have made pottery out of that nonsense I was tilling last weekend.

    I think I have have ensured a lost security deposit tramping back and forth into the apartment from the garden. (That was probably an inevitability anyway though, since I'm housebreaking my pup here and it's one step forward, two steps back...)

    I haven't seen snow stick here in about 7 years. Some of the winter pics you post boggle my mind. Last year we were still in tee-shirts and jeans at Christmas.