Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garden update

Not much new going on in the garden right this moment. I got a new garden gnome for Valentine's Day that looks sort of like the one from the Roaming Gnome Travelocity commercials (this fact amuses me to no end).

I had to toss a few romaine lettuce plants that had root rot (probably from the transplant shock) and I thinned two of them, taking the tiny secondary plants that were fighting with the buttercrunch for food/water and replanting them on the end of the rows with the other three saved rejects. If they survive, cool. If not, eh, whatever. I am sure the remaining plants will benefit from the lack of competition.

I am having an issue with my kale seedlings where the lower leaves are turning yellow. I think this might be a nitrogen issue, but I'm still doing research. I've also had this issue with my cabbage seedlings. If anyone has a remedy or a solution for that problem, let me know. I did a bunch of snipping to strip the diseased leaves and leave more energy for the healthy ones, but I'd like to rectify the situation so I don't lose more leaves. The seedlings only have so many...

The best performers so far are the onions and the spinach, which are looking fantastic. The spinach lost a few lower leaves to what appears to be frostbite, but otherwise looks spunky and is putting out tons of new leaves. None of the onions had transplant shock like the cabbages/lettuce/brussel sprouts/broccoli did.

So far everything is looking good, if growing a little more slowly than I would have anticipated. But gardening is a patient art.

I want to get a new shoplight for starting the hot weather transplants (it's getting dangerously late in the year to start my heirlooms) but unfortunately I do not have an extra $150 hanging around. 'Tis the state of affairs, I'm afraid. Hopefully I can squeeze the seed startup project into my budget after I get paid this Thursday and get all that stuff rolling this weekend, as well as direct sow the plants I didn't get to last weekend.

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