Friday, May 22, 2009


It's been almost a month since I've blogged anything? That's redonkulous.

Well here's a quick garden update:
- 4 days of torrential rain killed almost all of my spinach. Boo.
- My lettuce bolted from a heat wave and is now inedible (but very cool looking); this was partially due to the fact that I didn't harvest early enough, but it happened while I was on vacation, so...ce la vie.
- The onions and leeks are officially ready for harvest. Must find onion recipes!!!
- I have been to New Orleans and Ft. Walton, Florida in the last few weeks.
- The broccoli bloomed. I didn't even know broccoli florets DID bloom, but I guess it's implicit in the name "floret"...learn something every day.
- Strawberries rotted from the rain.
- I don't know what the hell the brussels sprouts are doing, other than that they look absolutely nothing like brussels sprouts...

Also one major piece of news - instead of moving in with my folks when my apartment lease is up in June, I am taking in a roommate who is none other than the infamous java-slinging cynic pissipissi baobao, aka The Alabaman Barista. A kindred spirit and fellow artist-bohemian-warrior for humanity, he is pretty much the perfect fellow to kick my rear into gear on a LOT of my personal goals with regards to activism, autodidactism, etc...

To say I am excited that my delightfully strange best friend is coming to live with me would be a major understatement. We are both eccentric people, and our eccentricities are definitely amplified in each others' company because we are completely nonjudgmental of each other and have no problem being our random selves. It will be interesting to see exactly how weird we get in confinement (lol)...

Therefore, there will probably be a lot of odd social experimentation going on at the apartment in the coming months, herbalism and vermicomposting not the least of them (hopefully). I will try to keep a log of our bizarre adventures here particularly when they relate to permaculture, gardening, or any of that sort of thing.



  1. I had a dream I was telling my mom that in moving to Huntsville I was "finally getting the bohemian-esque lifestyle I had been craving since moving to Tuscaloosa." Ah, we are going to be so weird. I can't wait!

  2. So you don't have to leave your garden after all! Sweet! Have you planted anything else, or is it too hot already for most stuff?

  3. Yay! New adventures! Congrats on the new roommate.

  4. BTW - I have a great recipe for leek and potato soup. Visit my recipe blog: The Obsessive Chef.

  5. @R: I am so excited you have moved in! I'm having so much fun already!! :) And yeah, we are weird, but whatev. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it!!!

    @Kristin: Right now I am leaning towards adding some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, and maybe a few other things. It is WAY too hot for any more cool weather crops though. Definitely time to pull out the heat lovers.

    @Sylvana: Thanks for the link and the congrats! I will check it out for sure.