Friday, April 24, 2009

The Name Of The Wind (book review)

(shamelessly stolen from my review...)

While I do not consider myself a well-read fan of the fantasy genre (I'm more of a literary/horror follower), I picked a fantasy book up at random in a grocery store because I'm an English major with over a thousand books I've ALREADY read, and I needed a new one. So it was a complete gamble. Who is this Patrick Rothfuss fellow? I had no clue.

After reading The Name of the Wind, I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best books I've ever read. Each of the characters ends up feeling like a well-loved friend by the time you're finished, and when it does end, you wish you could stay in the Four Corners of Civilization longer. You'll probably reread the book to do just that.

And the emotional connections in the book are amazing - everyone from professional musicians to broke college students will find something to relate to. The writing style is lyrical and the relationships are moving. Descriptions of grief, desperation, and curiosity are set forth in loving detail and authenticity. Kvothe's journey from child prodigy among the gypsy-like Edema Ruh to his stormy adolescence among the alchemists and warlocks of the University is enthralling all the way through. Don't be surprised if you devour this tome in one sitting. I did.

Better than The Lord of the Rings for the poetic brevity of its prose, and miles above Harry Potter with its much more skilled rendition of the "young magician goes to school" theme. Kvothe is, literally, too cool for school, destined to be one of the great literary heroes of our time.

To sum it up: This book is the real deal, whether you're a fan of fantasy or not. Go buy it. Now. What are you waiting for?! I said now!


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