Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The little cabbage that could.

I came home for lunch to find that the sad leggy remainders of my first seedling batch had pretty much self-destructed and were flopped all over the damp tray soil accusingly. The only seedling left that looked like it might do anything at all was the last surviving Oriental Express, the most stocky of my doomed brood.

So I scooped it out of the Tray O' Death and into my palm, transplanted it in an empty grape tomato container, and deposited it outside my apartment to fend for itself (at least during the daytime today, when it is so sunny and nice and finally starting to feel like spring). Supposedly cabbage seedlings like their temperatures a bit cooler, so hopefully this unseasonably warm February day will sustain it where abnormally warm grow lights wouldn't.

I will bring the seedling back in tonight to bask in the glow of my newly planted tray for a few hours before retiring, if it survives the day.

Go little cabbage go!

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