Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Improvements on my seed-starting endeavors.

Here are the things I'm going to try and do differently to get some healthy seedlings going in my dim cave of an apartment:

1. Carefully log how much time the tray gets under the grow lights via spreadsheet, so the seeds don't get a sporadic source of light. I think this may have contributed to my "spindly" seedling problem in my first attempt.

2. Log watering times.

3. Figure out a way to keep my shop lights cool, so I can have intense light (good) without intense heat (bad).

Garden quote of the day:
"If you aren't killing plants, you aren't stretching yourself as a gardener."

Yeah, that's true. But my hope is that something will survive. I still have a few fighters left over from the Plastic Cover Tray Massacre, so we'll see if they can make it...


  1. I totally believe in that quote. However, you should always start small with the slaughter.

  2. Can't I just slaughter a bunch of small things? :P

    Just kidding. But that quote did make me feel better about my inadvertent massacre. Hopefully with a new set of (appropriate) grow lights, I will do better next time.

    Either that, or I will start planting a LOT more things outdoors.