Thursday, March 5, 2009

Between now and June. (checklist)

- Box up all belongings to be stored/moved.
- Get rid of as many unnecessary possessions as possible.
- Repaint the walls. (Ugh...I am thinking of paying for this part to be done...)
- Steam-clean the carpet. Again.
- Finish the garden bed on the incomplete end so the apartment doesn't bitch at me for installing it right before I move (despite the fact that the apartment NEVER does any kind of cosmetic outdoor maintenance, but I digress...)

Also need to start thinking broadly about designing my house, since a semester of interior design is my only experience with it. I have studied drafting though, which will be useful in learning basic architecture. I may end up very heavily involved in actual construction and the whole process, depending on what kind of weirdness I want to incorporate (hidden doors say what?) so I'll probably also try to pick up as many basic electrical and plumbing skills as I can.

And just in case you think I'm exaggerating:


  1. I love the hidden doors idea. I have been conceptualizing my own eco-friendly abode since I left your place. It looks pretty awesome in my head : )

  2. Love the idea of the hidden doors. I would totally have that!! Plus its a space saver, and I love saving space for more useful things! I have seen some of HGTV where the door just slides into the wall....just love that idea! I cant wait to see what you come up with on your home. I am sure it will be nothing short of super wicked.


    I have already researched a library shelf hidden door for a room in our house. That would make my dream house complete!

    Oh, that, and a moat.

  4. Oh, moving. SO NOT FUN. I devoutly hope I never have to move again in my life.

    But the thought of you leaving your garden makes me sad for you. Even if it IS new and struggling and you'll have more space at your parents', it's still YOUR garden. And you raised those plants. I hope the new person at your apartment keeps it going. After all, gardening is trendy now! Even the Obamas are doing it!